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International FLBA Camp (English)

The Fundación Lucentum Baloncesto Alicante organizes the FLBA International Camp which will start on 3rd July and finish on 9th of the same month. These basketball days, with   limited places, have been intended for players between the ages of 12 and 18. Miguel Angel Zapata, the FLBA 1st team coach, will coordinate this activity that will entirely take place in Torrevieja.

flba camp - ingles


FLBA  International Camp is a summer basketball campus intended for boys and girls that has qualified coaches and instructors. The participants will not only improve their basketball abilities but also enjoy many more leisure activities like trips, games or workshops. And all this in a bilingual environment which will allow the participants to improve their English competence. In addition, they will receive the official clothing  of the FLBA International  Camp. We care about our players’ health, so this campus also offers a physiotherapy service.

Fundación Lucentum offers  the possibility to take part in the campus internally: The participants will stay in the Hotel Torrejoven in full-board regime during the 7 days of the Campus. Furthermore, it is possible to enjoy the campus externally: this option allows the teenagers to participate in all the activities – only lunch included.


The registration price in the  International FLBA Camp will be 460€ for those who participate internally, with a 30€ discount for any members of the Club or those who make the payment before 1st   June. On the other hand, in the case of external participants, the price will be  275€  and 250€ for any members of the Club or those who make the payment before 1st   June.

A discount over the final price will be applied for families from the second member of the family on. Thus, the cost of the registration from the second member of the family on will be 400€ for the internal regime and  250€ for the external one.


If you want to take part in the FLBA International  Camp International Camp, you will make the payment by bank deposit to account ES87 2100 4026 5021 0025 0042, including the following concept: “ campus de verano” and the name of the participant. In addition, you’ll have to fill in the following form.


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